KRAMERS’ SEAFOOD: New umbrella name for four companies within the fish industry. 

URK – Fish processing company Gebr. Kramer B.V., trading company Isola Fish B.V., cold store Gebroeders Kramer Frozen B.V. and production company Fishmasters B.V. will continue in the future under the name KRAMERS’ SEAFOOD. This is, among other things, a result of the recent takeover of the Fishmasters company by the Kramer family and the restructuring of the group of companies, resulting from business succession within the family business. 

KRAMERS’ SEAFOOD is the new name for the group of companies mentioned above that are active in fish processing (processing), trade in fish (trading) and the storage and distribution of fish (cold store). All companies of the group will be housed in the building at Noordgat 1 in Urk. The fish processing and the freezing installation of the current factory  located on the Ambachtsweg in Urk will be transferred here. In the course of 2021, the company will make significant investments and expand with additional production and storage capacity through new construction on its own site. 

With the acquisition of Fishmasters in October of this year, the sales market has expanded significantly. And with the relocation of production and storage, and with the forthcoming expansion, the new generation of the Kramer family expects to prepare the company for the future and to be significantly more competitive. 

The product brands Isola Fish®Fishmasters® and Vis-aan-Huis® will continue to exist. The Isola Fish® brand stands for a wide range of fish products and the Fishmasters® brand for high convenience valued added fish products. Both brands are sold on the international market, both for retail and wholesale, cash-and-carry and the institutional market. Vis-aan-Huis® is an online ordering service (webshop) for delivering fish at home. 

The name KRAMERS’ SEAFOOD stands for the Kramer family and the ‘S means that there are several members of the family working in the company, but also that several companies fall under this heading. The comma after KRAMERS reads as:” the companies of the Kramer family  and internationally as: seafood from the Kramers company. The comma contains four colours of blue that symbolize the four companies. Blue is also the colour of Gebr. Kramer and from Isola Fish. It was consciously decided to include the family name in the company name. The Kramer family born and raised in the Dutch fishing centre Urk has been active in the fishing industry for four generations and, together with Isola Fish, has built up a reliable and strong name at the home market and abroad. That strength is expressed in the cool letter font of KRAMERS that is playfully cut at the base, representing the waves of the sea. The word SEAFOOD connects to this too. 

KRAMERS’ SEAFOOD is characterized on the international market with a large and wide range of high quality fish and fish products. The company slogan is therefore: “Healthy, Tasty, Trusty”. In addition to sales domestically, the company exports to approximately 35 countries worldwide. KRAMERS SEAFOOD employs approximately 140 employees.