Gebr. Kramer takes over Fishmasters

From October 1, 2020, the acquisition of Fishmasters (FM) by Gebr. Kramer / Isola Fish (Kramer) is agreed. Both parties expect the transaction to be completed before the end of October 2020.The purpose of the takeover is to strengthen Kramer’s competitive position in the market and the desire to further expand its activities in the product group “fish with added value”. In addition, the takeover offers opportunities for the desired growth of the organization, as this was not possible at the current location. Kramer’s own workforce and existing activities will be housed in the Fishmasters factory and FM personnel will be employed by Kramer.
In addition, a strategic partnership has been made with the Kennemervis Group (KVG) to work together and to complement each other’s range and to exchange knowledge where possible.

About Gebr. Kramer / Isola Fish:
Gebr. Kramer is a family business located in Urk where the 4th generation is ready to take over the helm. Under the Isola Fish brand, Kramer has built up a strong reputation as a reliable partner of healthy, tasty and trusty fish products. This step will significantly increase and strengthen the stable growth of recent years. In terms of organization, this step offers opportunities for further growth at the new location and Fishmasters will be added as a brand in addition to its own Isola Fish brand. The products are complementary and through the partnership with KVG this is further expanded. This offers the opportunity to work together for further customer satisfaction and growth. By taking this step, Kramer hopes to make the company even more future-proof and to significantly accelerate its ambition with regard to international growth.

About Fishmasters:
FM is a leading company in the production of high-quality fried and ready to eat fish products. They have access to the right technology, craftsmanship and knowledge in which a lot has been invested. Innovation is an important added value for the developed products. Sales markets are mainly the Netherlands, England, but also Germany and southern European countries.

About The Kennemervis Group:
KVG is a leading fish and vegetable protein processing company, part of an international family business, serving customers with high-quality products and solutions in retail, food service, ambulatory, fish specialty shops and industry. KVG has several branches in the Netherlands and Denmark and its service office is in Spakenburg. KVG is constantly on the move and wants to focus on growth in their markets by focusing its strategy. With this deal they placed the fried and ready to eat fish products with a reliable partner such as Kramer in order to also work together outside their own group and to strengthen each other where possible.