Fish is an important part of the human food chain as it is rich in vitamins and proteins. It is a healthy and safe food and it is nature in its purest form. It is increasingly more in demand by critical consumers but also increasingly available. Especially when it comes to quality. The Isola Fish brand is synonymous with quality.

Isola Fish, our top brand, guarantees the best quality fish on the world market. Whether it is sea fish, freshwater fish or farmed fish, fresh or frozen, we know how to catch the best. We know the market and always find the best quality fish for you.



Isola Fish supplies its products under the Isola Fish brand name or, at your request, under your own ‘private label’. Whatever we deliver and how we deliver it, everything meets the highest and most stringent quality requirements. Only the best is good enough for our customers. The Isola Fish standard is also your standard and that of your customers. Isola Fish, synonymous with quality.


Clean label

Both our natural, bread crumbed, and pre-fried fish products are ‘Clean Label’. ‘Clean Label’ stands for a healthy and fair product:

  • Free from synthetic and naturally-identical E-numbers
  • Free from artificial flavour enhancers
  • Free from preservatives
  • Free from artificial colouring, flavours and aromas
  • GMO-free


Isola Fish is committed to sustainable developments. There are initiatives to catch North Sea fish in a sustainable way. Isola Fish has access to this ‘sustainably caught’ fish. We encourage developments to fish in a less environmentally harmful way. Alternative fishing methods ensure that energy consumption is greatly reduced.

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) seal is an international seal for well-managed, sustainable fishing. The sustainably-caught fish can be recognised by the MSC logo on our packages.


From our experience in various markets, we actively think along with our customers. We will also engage in discussions to think ahead and develop innovative solutions and products to not only be a leading player but also to continue to be one. From our ambition of continuous development and improvement, we want to be and remain an added value for our partners.

Tracking & Tracing

Our internal processes are fully controlled so that we can meet the highest quality standards and requirements. By using an ERP system within our company, we can follow all information and knowledge regarding products, packaging, raw materials and ingredients. This information is used internally to guarantee the processes but can also be accessed externally in various ways from customers and/or suppliers upon request.


Because we meet various standards, we are in possession of certificates that can prove this. These certificates can be viewed and downloaded below.

BRC Certificate

IFS Certificate

MSC Certificate

ASC Certificate