Healthy, Tasty, Trusty

Mission Statement

Based on a good, reliable and mutual relationships, we provide our customers with high quality, straightforward and sustainable fish products.


Our Vision is to offer our customers a tasteful, healthy and ethical fish product. Building good relationships forms the basis on which we operate, with our staff but also with our customers and suppliers. We also think it is important for our company to contribute to sustainable and socially-involved initiatives. This approach ensures good stewardship of nature and our environment. We try to achieve this by only marketing fish and fish products that are sustainably caught or farmed and processed, packaged, stored and distributed with the utmost care and under perfectly hygienic conditions.  To this end, Isola Fish works exclusively with reliable partners in the fishing industry and fishing industries from around the world.


Our name and logo symbolise our Mission and Vision. A number of elements can be discovered in the logo that are mentioned below:

A truly natural product.

contains no additives and is GMO free.

It is devoid of synthetic and naturally-identical E-numbers,

Fish from Isola Fish is transported, processed, prepared, frozen and stored in a healthy manner.

Fish is a very healthy diet. It is rich in vitamins and a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids.


continuously monitored throughout the entire process. And you can taste that.

Quality is during the processing and the freezing process to the transport.

Our production process guarantees the optimal treatment of the fish from the catch,

We only settle for the best quality. Fresh stays fresh. Pure tasty products.

Fish from Isola Fish is extremely tasty.


On request, this information can also be provided to our customers and/or to our suppliers.

information and knowledge regarding our products, packaging, raw materials and ingredients.

international quality standards and requirements. With our ERP system, we can follow all

All our processes are fully controlled. This allows us to meet the highest

Our logo is blue and refers to the sea. But blue also stands for reliability.